Just Dine World

Welcome to the world of Just Dine

The Just Dine Card comes with
superior benefits for a diner. The card
provides discounts, rewards and a variety of
channels for Card Members to be able to
reach out to a participating restaurant.

How does the program work

Just Dine is a virtual card that the Card Member gets over email. The card is also available at the Card Members rewards page.

Card Member gets upfront discounts at participating restaurants .Please go through the list for specific discounts being provided by participating restaurants.

Card Member earns rewards as JD Points for all spends at participating restaurants. Please visit the “How to Earn and Redeem Rewards” section for more details ( this is available once you log into your account )

Just Dine is proud to partner a variety of restaurants that makes Just Dine one of the largest Dining Programs in the UAE . We have over 400 restaurants participating in this exciting Program.

Just Dine IVR provides a by area, by cuisine search 24/7 for Card Members to search restaurants for dining.

Just Dine Call Centre has Service Advisors providing information on the Just Dine Program to all Card Members.

Just Dine Concierge is a facility by which Card Members can make advance reservations. This option is available only for restaurants that are listed under the Concierge for Reservations listing.

Just Dine Card Member has a rewards account with Just Dine to login and track spends, rewards earned , redeemed and balance.

Just Dine Card Member can also interact with Just Dine staff through web chat and we will be glad to provide information

Just Dine Card Member can down load the Just Dine Mobile Application and use the same for Restaurants listing and search on the Card Members mobile phone.

Just Dine Concierge